SunEwat Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV): Energy-generating glass solutions



Globally, over 50% of the population lives in urban areas today. By 2045, the world's urban population will increase by 1.5 times to 6 billion. City leaders must move quickly to plan for growth and provide the basic services, infrastructure, and affordable housing their expanding populations needs. Therefore, the need to create energy efficient buildings and to adopt renewable energy has become all the more important.

Building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) is the latest technology that could contribute to the increased adoption of renewable energy at the building scale. A BIPV system mainly consists of a laminated safety glass with embedded solar cells integrated into the building envelope. BIPV could be integrated into the facade or the roof of the building envelope; also harvesting solar energy. Integrating photovoltaics into the building envelope can provide savings in materials as well as maximising the area for PV deployment and hence reducing electricity costs. BIPV also reduces the consumption of fossil fuels and carbon emissions thereby providing a sustainable solution to the building.

The leading-edge technologies and glass solutions deployed in the SunEwat BIPV range transform both new and renovated facades into smart membranes that generate and manage energy while integrating seamlessly into the facade. SunEwat BIPV boasts environmental performance and efficiency ratings consistent with nearly zero-energy

building (NZEB) standards – all while delivering optimal thermal and acoustic comfort for occupants.

Key concepts in energy-generating facades: Art and communication

By enabling architects and designers to take an artistic approach to the vision glass elements as well as the spandrels and cladding components, SunEwat BIPV delivers elegant solutions that showcase the use of green energy while maintaining the glazing’s transparency and functionality.

Fully customizable: architects and designers can arrange and deploy glass sizes and photovoltaic cells as they wish in order to create their own original designs.

Corporate social responsibility: promoting a good corporate reputation through an eco-friendly building.

SunEwat BIPV range : Transparent solutions

SunEwat BIPV products for windows are available under the names Vision Square and Vision Stripe. By enabling architects and designers to take an artistic approach to vision glass elements, SunEwat Vision delivers elegant solutions that showcase the use of green energy while maintaining the glazing’s transparency and functionality.  With Vision Square, cells, shapes and silkscreen printing can be used creatively to highlight the use of green energy while keeping the function of the glazing.  Vision Stripe is the right choice for efficient energy-generating glass combined to high glass transparency, the visual performance is excellent.

SunEwat BIPV range: Opaque solutions

SunEwat BIPV products for spandrels are under the names Stopray ActiveArtlite Active and Lacobel T Active. In these products, the photovoltaic cells are completely hidden behind a coating, creative designs or a coat of paint, resulting in the most aesthetically appealing rendering of a project while still delivering optimal energy generation and shorter payback times. Artlite Active, developed in partnership with Solar Visuals, is an innovative solution enabling total customisation of the cladding area with infinite possibilities for images, colours and prints. Lacobel T Active is a totally uniform solution featuring photovoltaic cells concealed behind high-quality glossy paint. Stopray Vision coatings for windows can now be matched perfectly with Stopray Active, an active spandrel version delivering an aesthetically superb project with a uniform appearance while ensuring optimal energy generation.

Personalised Support

Design stage
Glass composition parameters, aesthetically appealing glass module design, ultra-realistic simulation of cells, quick prototyping, ROI calculation.

Energy study
Energy performance study, performance target evaluation, comprehensive study to reach NZEB standards.

Technical services
Facade integration, full system design, installation supervision, commissioning and monitoring.

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Perpignan SNCF Train Station

Perpignan – France 2010
© L35 Arquitectos Photo: Laurent Lacombe
Product : Vision Square