Timber Engineering in the 21st Century

By Rubner Holzbau

Wood, which apart from loam is the world’s oldest building material, today is more efficient than even before. Wood not only is a light, stable and renewable material but it also has the capacity to store carbon, and it is heat insulating and fireproof. There is no other material, which is more aesthetic and more manifold in its applications than wood and therefore is the natural answer to all building challenges of the future. 

Fenestration in the Tropics

By Technoform

One of the biggest challenges a building owner face in the tropics is the cost of keeping a building cool and comfortable for its occupants. The building façade or envelope is the first line of defence against the external elements, and according to the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS), it accounts for almost 50% of the thermal loads in buildings in tropical regions. 

Terracotta Warriors of the Sustainable Green Built Environment

By LOPO China 

The pursuit for greener and more sustainable buildings has developed impressive innovations in building materials. Yet, the adage old is gold still rings true for some building materials and terracotta sits high on that list. The ancient building material, that translates from Latin as “baked earth” has long outlasted empires that built them, from the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans and Chinese. 

HVAC Air Scrubber Lower Operating Cost, Healthier Life


The air we breathe nowadays is filled with smoke and pollutants not visible to the naked eye, a situation that has made “pure air” the fifth necessity for urban residents in big cities around the world. While outdoor air management seems like an impossible task, there are a few things we can do to improve indoor air quality.

Upgrade Your Energy Efficiency Score with iPlant Manager (iPM)

By Daikin Airconditioning (Singapore) Pte Ltd

In today’s age, Smart buildings are becoming the new normal, with its clear advantages of reducing energy consumption and achieving greater energy efficiency and sustainability. HVAC systems typically consumes about 30% - 45% of the total building consumption. In this webinar, we will share with you a revolutionary control & optimization software system developed by Daikin for the chiller plant room: iPlant Manager. 

Innovative & Effective Plumbing and Drainage Solutions

By Wavin

Choosing the right pipe system for projects is not an easy decision. Especially when it comes to the various plumbing and drainage solutions for your different projects. Watch to find out more about Wavin’s innovative plumbing and drainage products to build a livable and lovable cities.