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Case Study: Replacing AC Fans with EC Fans for improved energy efficiency

A conventional fan system is usually made up of several components (e.g. belts, pulleys, motors, and etc). It is inefficient in moving air due to the inherent losses within each component.

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Aerogel Composite for Sustainability & Smart Urban Solutions

Dr Li Xiao Dong
Research Scientist
Advanced Material Technology Centre (AMTC)

Dr Handojo Djati Utomo
Singapore Polytechnic (School of Architecture & The Built Environment (ABE)

Key Takeaways

1. Conversion from waste to valuable products
2. Diverse applications for aerogel & foam glass
3. Market opportunity for aerogel

Carbon Neutral Smart Pole

Omniflow S.A

Key Takeaways

1. IoT , Smart Cities, Carbon Free Solution: Omniled

Climate Adaptation Technology and Evaluation Method for Green Building Components in Asia

MASAYUKI  ICHINOSE, Associate Professor
Tokyo Metropolitan University

Key Takeaways

1. Project overview and result of the observational study on the actual performance of Green Building in Asia

Color , Materials & Finishes (CMF) / Advance Surface Coatings and Effects

ROBIN TAY, Director, Fifth Element Techno Pte Ltd

Key Takeaways

1. Surface coatings and effects with a different perspective and applications
2. Understanding the fundamental and difference of finishes.  

Data Driven Design, The Future Today

Eugene Seah, Senior Director, Special Projects, GCEO Office
Surbana Jurong

Ensuring Robustness of Precast Concrete Connections

GARY CONNAH, Technical & Development Manager
Halfen Moment Pte Ltd

Key Takeaways

1. Provide understanding on the different types of precast connections available in the market for different applications. 

Eurovent Services For The Construction Industry

Eurovent Certita Certification

Key Takeaways

1. How to derisk a building project
2. Building performance management
3. Building digitalized data management 
4. Building risk management

Green Solution For ABC Water Project - A Climate Change Mitigation Approach

Er. Dr. Ong Chee Wee, Victor, Managing Director
ONE SMART Engineering Pte Ltd

Key Takeaways

1. Climate change in Singapore
2. Impact of climate change to Singapore
3. Climate change mitigation approaches

Industrial Design and Architecture Combine

JEREMY BARNETT, Managing Director
Dominion House

Key Takeaways

Our portfolio includes design solutions that reduce human impact on nature, and products aligned with the principles of biophilic design

New IoT Solutions: How Energy Efficiency is Improved with Less Investments!

SAUTER Asia Pacific

Key Takeaways

1. Concrete understanding of the IoT and possibilities towards the buildings.

Outdoor and Indoor Applications of High Durability Engineered Wood Products

TANG TIANRANG, China Market Development Department Sales manager
KO SHII & CO.,LTD China Market

Key Takeaways

1. Basic knowledge of wood
2. The different types of technology used for wood treatment

Plastic Piping Systems – The Sustainable Answer to Metal Pipes

ARIFFIN LIM, Export and Product Manager

Georg Fischer Piping Systems

Key Takeaways

Plastic piping system offer a maintenance free, highly efficient & sustainable solution for your pluming and sanitary installation.

Sanitary Technology At The Heart Where it Matters 

Nick Tan, Senior Manager, Asia Representative

Key Takeaways

1. Common situations in public toilets
2. General usage of IoT in sanitary today

Sustainable Waterproof System For Construction

ANTHONY SUNG, Associate Director
Cementaid (S.E.A) Pte Ltd

Key Takeaways

To identify a truly sustainable waterproof & corrosion proof system for use in their structures.

Use of Geogrids For Road Pavements & Retaining Walls’

David Ng, Executive Director
HIN HUB Resources Pte Ltd

Key Takeaways

1. Introduction of Geogrid
2. Usage of Geogrid for sustainable construction
3. Sustainable Geogrid Solutions in Singapore

What Does Smart & Green Buildings Mean to the Stakeholders?

ABHINEET KAUL, Senior Director
Frost & Sullivan

Key Takeaways

1. What does “Green” and “Smart” mean to different stakeholders?
2. What makes the owners willing to pay for “Green”/ “Smart” buildings?
3. How can developers/ contractors differentiate their properties?

What Would The Future Look Like?

JEROME AUDAIS, Managing Director
KONE Pte Ltd

Key Takeaways

1. Industry Trends
2. Customers' Changes
3. Future Direction