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Case Study: Replacing AC Fans with EC Fans for improved energy efficiency

A conventional fan system is usually made up of several components (e.g. belts, pulleys, motors, and etc). It is inefficient in moving air due to the inherent losses within each component.

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Beyond Virtual Reality

Ryan Liew, COO

Key Takeaways

1. Other benefits that can be leveraged from BIM

Camera as a Sensor

Michael Goh, Director,
Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd

Key Takeaways

1. How the modern day security camera is used as a sensor for various smart solutions.

Changing The Way Buildings Are Designed With Building Science

TERRENCE GOH, Architectural Specifications Manager
USG Boral Pte Ltd

Key Takeaways

1. Understand environmental and financial benefits of adopting the Building Science approach by USG Boral.

Constructing My Virtual Employee

Chan Yin Yin, COO

Key Takeaways

1. What can a chatbot do for the Built Environment?

Ensuring Robustness of Precast Concrete Connections

GARY CONNAH, Technical & Development Manager
Halfen Moment Pte Ltd

Key Takeaways

1. Provide understanding on the different types of precast connections available in the market for different applications. 

Outdoor and Indoor Applications of High Durability Engineered Wood Products

TANG TIANRANG, China Market Development Department Sales manager
KO SHII & CO.,LTD China Market

Key Takeaways

1. Basic knowledge of wood
2. The different types of technology used for wood treatment

Rethinking progress payment with BIM

Lin Shijing, Founder & CEO

Silas Loh, Joint Managing Partner
Rider Levett Bucknall

Use of Geogrids For Road Pavements & Retaining Walls’

David Ng, Executive Director
HIN HUB Resources Pte Ltd

Key Takeaways

1. Introduction of Geogrid
2. Usage of Geogrid for sustainable construction
3. Sustainable Geogrid Solutions in Singapore

What Would The Future Look Like?

JEROME AUDAIS, Managing Director
KONE Pte Ltd

Key Takeaways

1. Industry Trends
2. Customers' Changes
3. Future Direction